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What is patriarchy?
There are a lot of concepts to explain patriarchy, in the different ways. Nevertheless, patriarchy has 2 similar core elements, first, gender inequality and second is a degree of systematicity. The first core can be expressed as the domination of men over women. The domination here is based on the social dimension, not using biological categories. If patriarchy using biological categories, the way to overcome patriarchy is by eliminating one category it means the destruction of human species.

Patriarchy derived from patriarch, meaning: elder men. There are some definitions of patriarchy:
principle of the dominion of senior males over juniors, male as well as female, in the family, tribe or nations, allied with the reckoning of descent in the male line. (dictionary)

a set of social power relation that enable men to dominate women (sokoloff).

a system of social structures and practices in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women (walby).

To sum up, patriarchy can be defined as a system of social structures and practices in which enable men dominate, oppress and exploit women as well as the domination of the older to the younger.

Walby defined 6 structures of system of patriarchy: patriarchal relations in household work, patriarchal relations in paid work, a patriarchal state, male violance, patriarchal relations in sexuality and patriarchal relations in cultural institutions.

There have been two major form of patriarchy (Walby): public and private. Private patriacrhy is based upon household production, in where a patriarch controlling women individually and directly in the relatively private sphere of the home. While public patriarchy is based on structures rather than the household.

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