Thursday, September 24, 2009

laskar pelangi

Film that I like most and make me want to watch it more and more is Laskar Pelangi. This film is based on a best seller novel by Andrea Hirata, with same title. I think it is one of Indonesia good movie that I ever watched. The setting of this film is in Belitong, a small island in Sumatera on 1970s. This film successfully transfers the beautifulness of Belitong and tempted me to go there.

This film talks about 10 kids from poor family in reaching their dreams, their spirit to get education, which is not easy for them (like when Lintang should have uneasy way to come to the school, or when they are waiting for someone to completing 10 students so the school is not be closed).

Those kids have special character that makes the story so interesting, e.g. Lintang - the genius one, Ikal with his teenage love, and Mahar that be mad to Tuk Tarantula, a shaman. This film also describes the struggle of their teacher, Mrs. Muslimah and Mr. Harfan that very dedicative to educate their students.
The innocent of the child and also the bitter of live make this film so touchy. So far this film could make me laugh, cry and swept away on the story.

This film gives me spirit to do something for the better world, and give motivation when I am down. The lesson learnt that I got is a dream is something that we have to struggle, limitation is not obstacle. Likes what Tuk Tarantula said to Laskar Pelangi, “kalo nak pintar, belajar! Kalo nak berhasil, usaha!” (If you want be smart, you should study. If you want be success, you should try).

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